Thursday, October 11, 2012

21 to 21!

I recently turned 20 years old. And looking back and the last year, while I did a lot of good things, I want to be better. So I created a list of 21 things to do before I turn 21. These are things that I love doing and don't do enough, or have never done, and want to. Follow me on my journey to 21!

1. Volunteer 200 hours at the animal shelter.
2. Hike A Mountain 20 times.
3. Beat my 11:30 time in the Bataan Memorial March
4. Run 5 5k's.
5. Read 20 books (aka read all the books collecting dust on my bookshelf)
6. Try 5 new foods
7. Run 500 miles
8. Go to a pottery class
9. Learn more Spanish
10. Take dance lessons
11. Pay for a stranger's groceries/lunch/dinner
12. Learn to sew and sew one article of clothing
13. Try one new recipe a week
14. Take a cake decorating class
15. Run a half marathon.
16. Watch a foreign film.
17. Take a self-defense class.
18. Go camping at least 3 times.
19. Host at least two parties.
20. Read the entire Book of Mormon
21. Learn to drive a standard

I will keep you updated as I check things off my list!

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